Organizing In Your Community


What we are Organizing for in Your Community

Together we are working to advocate for issues that our team members want to see addressed–Helping communities like yours organize around issues and elections and making sure to keep you updated on ways you can organize in your community.  In working towards building neighborhood teams throughout the country in order to give all community members the skills necessary to build power back into the community.

United Citizen Power prioritizes community organizing by striving for long term relationships through customizing best practices that create mutual support and overall, building power through team development. 




Why It Is Important                          

It is important that team members learn to think themselves as leaders, in defining their own self improvement as well as improvement in their own community. Our motto, “building our power through working together” allows individuals to understand their capacity while contributing in a supportive environment. 

In order to make the change your community wants to see through, deep community organizing plays an essential part in  making voting a habit for more citizens in every election. United Citizen Power believes that everyone should be represented by the elected leaders in our communities and that local issues are always best addressed by local residents.We organize to empower through knowledge and create the communities with the ability to effect change.